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Backpack Satchel

Backpack Satchel
Navy with LipstickVery Berry with Tan



Our fabulous Traditional Leather Satchel in a form of a Backpack.

Instead of shoulder strap there are two shoulder straps on the back. These are deatachable and made in a way that you can use them as a shoulder strap when required.
Quality metal fittings, craftssmen leather work -

Large enough to take an A4 file or Laptop. Traditional style in top quality smooth firm leather with. Reinforced base with a large front pocket with buckle fastening.

Size 34x27x8.5cm.

Available in a rainbow of other colours.

Quality metal fittings, craftsmen leather work - and in fashion!

Price: 161.00

Please note our delivery times are now 3 MONTHS for ready made, 1 MONTH for kits.

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