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Ladies Spring Sandal Kit

Ladies Spring Sandal Kit

Kit Price

Ref: SW158K

Plenty of space for your feet to breath easily. Buckle, adjustable strap, perfect for sunny days.

Shown in Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather.

Our complete kit includes all of the leather you need, already pre-cut and pre-punched so there is no fiddling about with scissors. We include a special needle and thread, and of course full instructions!

Price: 51.00

What our customers say

Customer Reviews

  Brilliant!  A total joy to make! I have worn my sandals all summer - it feels like having nothing on your feet - they've been to the beach, up mountains and boring stuff like going to the shops. After beach, sand removal is a breeze - just remove insoles and give everything a good bash! Brilliant!   (28/11/2016) Angela - Cardiff

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