About Us

We at Simple Way have been supplying our leather kits and fitting feet by post for over 40 years.

All the leather pieces have the stitch holes already punched, and we supply full instructions, special waxed hand sewing thread and a ball point needle. If you can manage running stitch you can make up our kits.

It’s also refreshing to know that we make everything ourselves, here in our workshop in the north east and our wonderfully comfy shoes are recommended by chiropodists nationwide.

If you have different sized left and right feet - we can help- by making you an odd sized pair.

If you have a glue allergy - we can help. we can make certain styles without the use of any glue at all.

If you’re tired of shoes that pinch and are hard underfoot - we can help.  All our styles use soft, supple leather uppers, flexible, shock absorbing polyurethane soles and then we add our famous padded insoles to put a spring in your step.  

If you have large toe joints or hammer toes - we can help, we use no hard toe stiffeners to rub or cause irritation and each pair is cut individually.

All our regular products are covered by our money back guarantee.

We value every one of our customers and when you order from us you can be assured we won’t pass on your details to anyone else.