The home of Foot Comfort

Congratulations on taking the first step to foot comfort

We believe our shoes are the most comfortable you'll ever wear due to their unique construction.

We ask for a foot diagram and girth measurement when you first order. We use this to assess the most suitable standard sole and then mix and match the pattern pieces for the uppers to get the best fit possible for each foot.  

Your shoes are then hand sewn from soft supple leather to our flexible, shock absorbing polyurethane soles and finally our famous leather covered padded insoles are added to put a spring in your step.There are no stiffeners in the heel or toe areas so nothing to cause pressure. The seams, which are all hand stitched are on the outside of the shoe so the inside is smooth. We use soft supple leather, which is strong enough to be unlined. If you're ordering a kit, it will be prepared with all the nexessary pices, plus waxed thread, ball point needle and full instructions.

Our soles are made from shock absorbing polyurethane, to protect the foot, and have a 1" wedge heel with a negative cut away to help prevent  'step shock', and a foot shaped rounded toe. We then add our famous insoles padded from heel to toe to cushion your every step, and cover them in leather to provide a healthy environment for the foot.

As each pair of shoes is cut to order we can supply odd sized left and right feet, one foot wider than the other and even single shoes. We can even produce shoes which are 'Glue Free' to help allergy sufferers - please ring for details.

When your favourite pair of Simple Ways are in need of a little love and attention we offer a refurbishing service where we fit new soles and insoles, re-last and polish your shoes so they can continue to be your favourite pair for even longer.